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Our Core Team

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UX/UI Lead

Yenis Lai

Meet Yenis, our UX Lead with over a decade of experience in UX, web and app design, journey optimization, interaction design, and strategy. With a diverse portfolio spanning fintech, insurance, F&B, and entertainment, she's your partner for seamless user-centric design. Unlock your digital potential with Yenis.

Creative Director

Sara Lai

Meet Sara, our Creative Director, known for her talent in crafting visually stunning, user-friendly websites and apps. Her expertise in UI design spans web and app platforms, enhancing digital aesthetics and strategy. Sara's empathy sessions during the UX process ensure user-centric designs that resonate across industries. Partner with Sara to elevate your digital projects and drive brand success.

Senior UX/UI Designer

Polly Wong

Our Senior UX/UI Designer specializes in interaction design for websites and apps. Polly is a tech-savvy trendsetter in UI/UX design, adept at navigating platforms like WordPress, Editor X, and Figma for cutting-edge projects. Her innovative spirit and trend awareness infuse contemporary design into your digital projects.

UX Copy Manager

Emily Shu

Meet Emily, our seasoned UX Copy Manager, with a wealth of experience in persuasive UX copy. Emily excels in identifying touchpoints that resonate with your audience. She's also skilled in user research, empathy sessions, and SEO/SEM enhancement, boosting our clients' website performance. Emily's versatility spans industries, offering compelling copy that drives results.

Technical Project Manager

Sidney Hung

Introducing Sidney, our accomplished Technical Project Manager, bringing extensive experience in the management of website and app projects. Sidney specializes in precise project timeline management, ensuring projects stay on course. He's not just proficient in navigating various technical challenges but also excels as a communication bridge, fostering strong collaboration between developers, designers, and clients.

Head of Growth

Paula Yang

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