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After conducting interviews with stakeholders and hosting various UX workshops, we have acquired valuable data and information that can be utilized to analyze the personality of the Melco chatbot.

Melco Chatbot Personality

Melvis is the Melco Group's brand chatbot for customer service. We were invited to help develop Melvis' personality through UX workshops and ideation. Through these workshops and analyses, we created an appropriate personality for Melvis and developed a chatbot guideline to ensure that customer service aligns with the appropriate tone and manner.

What we did


Gather qualitative insights to understand more about Melco in terms of Branding, Customer Relationships, Emotional Feel to develop insights for Melvis Chatbot Personality.

Define Persona

It helps us understand the needs, goals, and behaviors of the target audience. This informs the development of user-centered products and services and serves as a reference throughout the design process.

Role Play

We conducted role-playing activities involves putting oneself in the shoes of the user and acting out different scenarios and interactions. This helps us gain empathy and understanding for the user's perspective and identify pain points and areas for improvement in the user experience.

Digital Brand Voice Guideline

It ensures consistency and coherence across all digital touchpoints, helping to strengthen the company's brand identity and enhance the customer experience.


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