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UX Audit


We focus on to help your product to be perfect.

We audit a digital product based on our professional methodology as well as heuristic evaluation for evaluating your product in order to make it go to a right track. There are many reasons why you want to develop a new product or update the existing one. It is required to be checked if the current design can identify your target users’ pain points and how they feel and solve their problems, otherwise, it will affect the sales and reputation of your company. In other words, if you cannot get positive experiences from the users with your product, they will never use it again and even tell other people about the bad experience. Some of your competitors may get the chance because of that. That is why you need to check your products before you launch them.

UX Training


We have been providing UX training service for the companies in digital industry. The main concept of our training is to help people understand what the role of UX designers are, and how we help in making their products valuable and easier to use, and thus boost their business. We impart the techniques of simple coding to the training participants so as to make them productive while they are assigned projects as UX designers. Our trainees have been highly praised by their employers. We would like to satisfy customers with our professional service.

Customer Journey


It is always heard that customer is the king, but in reality customer journey is not enough understood. No matter which business it is, a business can’t make a great product without knowing the customer. UXERS are constantly studying and researching on latest trends of user experience and user journey.


Our primary aim to spread awareness among entrepreneurs and companies through consultation service. Here you will get what is the actual customer journey of the product? Who are the persona of the product? What is pain point of the user? How should the product be designed? How should the product be developed? Also you will get proper documentation of the customer journey process that can be used for further development or improvement.

Website and App Development


The main purpose of UX project management is to test your product and make it perfect. We will develop our own methodology for your project. We don’t focus on the time, we focus on the customer experience. You can get your product from wireframe to prototype, from prototype to complete implementation of your product by our UX project manager. I guarantee you will like the result.

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